Hello world!

I am reinventing myself once more. I AM a writer! I am a Christian, consider myself a medical miracle, a survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault and an (overly) honest person.

In January 2015, my life nearly ended. I became severely ill and had to undergo a major surgery, a modified Whipple Procedure, for an abdominal aneurysm that was masquerading as cancer. I will get more into that down the road. Prayer and faith saved me, like it had so many times before. During the past 18 months, I have come to realize that God has me here for a reason – and it is time for me to act on that.

As a teenager, I wanted more than anything to be an author. Writing brought me such peace during the dark places. After several starts, and even more stops, I have reached this point. I am moving my prior blog to this new domain. I will be posting old entries, with actual dates written for a little while to give some history of where I am coming from, and while I figure this new process out.

Please come along for this journey. I am not sure of the destination, but I know God has put us together for a reason.