About Me

Hello and welcome to my website and blog. My life’s purpose is to comfort women, and provide a beacon of positivity as we travel together through this crazy thing called life! I have been through my share of rides on this roller coaster – and will share insight and my story along the way. My lifelong goal is to write, and eventually, that will be my main focus. Several novel starts and a few non-fiction ideas are on the back burner – moving to the front in the near future.

I am first, and foremost – a Christian woman.  I run my own business, working in commission sales. I am a wife and mother of an adult son. My 80 year old mother lives with us as well. We do have an interesting, yet increasingly common household, which presents it’s own set of challenges from time to time.

I consider myself a survivor on multiple levels. Hopefully I will be able to dive into a few of the obstacles I have faced, and how I continue to work on overcoming them.

My goal in 2017 is to post to this blog a minimum of twice a week, with my eventual aim being a post each weekday. I look forward to relaxing and having a comforting cup of coffee or tea with you as we dive in.

Comments are always appreciated and much welcomed. You can also reach me via email if you have private prayer requests.

My very best,



(photo coming soon)