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Monthly Archives: February 2017

My Faith – Reminder of a miracle

I wrote this while in the hospital (January 2015) awaiting my fate. I was facing almost certain death. I was told I would need surgery, I most likely had a sarcoma. I interpreted this as “No matter what, I was going to die.” Praise God, I had a Whipple Procedure a few days later, my life was spared. My life is spared even today. Miracles do happen – I did not have cancer, and although I have ongoing medical issues, I AM ALIVE!

This reminds me today, once again,  who is really in control. It is certainly not me! I do have choices. Free will is an amazing gift. I choose God. I choose Jesus Christ as my Savior.

My faith brings me:

Blissful happiness in the midst of sorrow,
Healing grace in the midst of sickness,
Warm comfort in the midst of pain,
strength to overcome obstacles,
Calm reassurance in the midst of chaos and confusion.

And yet my faith is challenged.
It’s validity questioned – by those near and far.

My question to those who doubt if what I believe is real and true:

Does what you believe in do all these things?
Are you able to feel inner joy during times of sadness?
Peace during times of internal war?
Happiness during struggle?

If your answer is no, but you would like to feel this way, it is possible. Jesus Christ has time for you.

If you do not care to accept what I believe as an important part of who I am, please do not attempt to discourage me or attack my beliefs.

I’ve done much thinking over these past 12 days in the hospital – and have come to this conclusion:

I would rather believe and be comforted, and find out that I was wrong in the end, than live a miserable life of negativity, pain and unbelief to find out I was wrong in the end.

Life is all about choices and I am happy with the choice I’ve made to follow Jesus and Get Better God’s Way!