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Monthly Archives: July 2016

My Attitude is a Choice

I get to choose what kind of attitude I have at any given moment. This may sound like common sense to most, but to me – this was eye opening to me a few years back. Let me recount how I made this discovery.

I was in and out of my car  for work one day – flipping through Christian radio stations and catching snippets of various messages. I didn’t hear the name of the pastor giving the message, if I had, I’d certainly reference him. However, the TRUE author of this message is God. Isn’t He amazing?!? He puts a message in front of me right when I need it most.

I was having one of those “poor me” days (read: weeks,) and I was not the most positive person to be around. I was angry, blaming others for how I felt. This message reminded me that I am in charge of my own personal choices every day. I take each step, whether it is a positive or negative one, MYSELF. How I choose to act at any given moment is entirely up to ME! No person or situation can make me feel a certain way. I have opportunities every day to choose joy over negativity. Now, I am not saying that I will always be a joyful person, but I will work toward that goal, and make an effort to find the positive in everything I do.

My negative attitude is sinful. It hurts others. It is not representative of who I really am. Looking back on this discovery, I realize that this one radio message touched me, prepared me for difficulties ahead.

I don’t fall into sin, I walk into it one thought, one excuse, one step at a time! This the equivalent of an attitude adjustment for me – one a very much needed!