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Another Reminder – Medical Miracle

I have not been on here lately, for that I apologize. I truly desired for this to become a 2x a week habit for me to develop my writing. That is still my goal.

I ended up back in the hospital recently due to sudden onset internal bleeding. I was in ICU for a few days, and had to have 5 bleeding esophageal varices banded. In addition to transfusions and developing tolerance to eating again, recovery has been a slow process. I am not bouncing back as quickly as I have in the past. My days have been busy with multiple follow up doctor visits and another EGD just to check things out. At the end of this month, I go in for more banding and another extensive procedure that will hopefully prevent future bleeding issues for a while.

Although I was not posting here, medical issues did not stop me from writing. Amen to that! I have been working on my novel as a sort of escape. I am blessed to be able to do that. My day job has had to take a back burner since my physical energy has been low. This is disappointing to me, because my sales job defined me for so long. Perhaps this is the message God is trying to send me, over and over, – I need to slow down, and focus on what He has in store for me, what He desires for me. Is his desire that I pursue writing? I believe it is. Believe me when I say this, I don’t want another reminder. I have had several near death experiences, and do not want another.

I am 15,000 words into my novel and am excited to be on the road to finishing it soon! I will keep everyone posted.

I am supposed to be on an all expenses paid trip to Cabo right now, however, my current medical condition does not allow me to travel. Yes, I am disappointed, I even had a pity party topped with depression and ugly face crying this morning over this. Many of my friends and my husband are there, I am not. I cleaned my bathroom this morning. Exciting stuff. But all in all, I know everything happens for a reason. God has a plan for me, and I have these days to write and take care of ME! Tomorrow is my birthday, and my adult son is taking me out to a nice dinner, and I will enjoy that immensely.

Feel free to comment. I am looking for assistance on my website (from above mentioned adult son – who is a computer science major) to no avail, so I can add more content and make the site look more user friendly. I will have to learn it myself! I am considering a monthly emailed newsletter as well. The newsletter will focus on overcoming medical issues and derailments to pursue what God intends for us. As I am a work in progress in this area, it should prove to be interesting.